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Monday, August 07, 2006

Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right...

Oh wow, I've been partying a little too hard. I've been drinking too much beer. I've been singing too many songs. I've been standing in front of too many speakers.

My brain. She is throbbing. So Thursday we were at the nasty gross-o-mundo fair rubbing elbows with the hillbillies of Eastern Iowa screaming our hearts out for Brooks and Dunn. Saturday night we were in Chicago to see Jimmy Buffett (go parrot-heads!). If you ain't never been to a Buffett concert before, let me caution you: do not expect to find anyone dressed as a normal human being. The guys look like girls, the girls look like mermaids, the little kids look like cheeseburgers. Oh, and watch out for sharks. See below:

And then LAST night we were back at the fair for Billy-I'm-Too-Sexy-For-My-Own-Good-Currington and Miranda-my-idol-Lambert. That girl has an awesome voice. Seriously. She's way cool, too, embrassased the crap out of some girl who lifted up her shirt while on her boyfriend's shoulders. Awesome.

The good news is that I've been knitting, too. Well, a little and it's going to have to come out because I don't like it, but I HAVE BEEN KNITTING! I'm trying to decide whether I have enough Rowan Cotton Glace to start this sexy little number:

It's Organzia from Glampyre. That girl's got talent. Mad Talent. Anyway, like I was saying about not being sure if I have enough cotton glace. I have 7 balls with 125 yards ea. The pattern calls for 5 balls of Rowan Cotton 4 ply which has 182 yards ea, but is knit on smaller stitches (yeah I'm gonna be sneaky and just knit a smaller size on the big needles because I'm a big baby English major who hates math). Will there be enough???

Must. Finish. Unpacking. First!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Something special happens on Saturday, but knowing that I won't be able to post that day, I'm gonna go ahead and talk about it today. So here goes:

It's my blog-o-versary, ya'll!!!!

That's right, kids, I've been doing this for one year now. Don't have a whole lot to show for it, but then again I haven't had a whole lot of time to spare. Actually I've kinda been feeling like a bad mother, they won't take my blog away for my neglence will they?

Speaking of feeling neglected, my knitting must be wondering why it's been stuck in a dark box for the last week. It was like the last box into the car, so of course now it's at the bottom of the pile in our "office". But I'm getting there, last night I cleared almost all the boxes out of the kitchen and living room. There's still a box of books and things that go on shelves that have yet to be hung. Tomorrow night I might actually put my clothes in my closet.

But tonight, I'm going to put on my turquoise earrings, cowgirl hat, bandana and see these guys:

old, but still kinda hot

at the fair. Don't usually visit the fair (it being full of greasy, so-over-tatooed-you-can't-see-their-actual-skin-tone boys who want to win you a sleezy teddy bear) but I'm making an exception to hear "You can't take the honkey-tonk out of the girl" live. And because Brooks has a huge crush on me. Can't help it, I just attract the contry boys like flies. Joe Don proposed last week, did I mention that??

He can melt me anyday.

Please wipe the drool from your keyboard and have a good weekend! :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "N"

- As in No air conditioning in my new apartment. Actually, it has central air, but it's Not working. Of course we had to move in on the day it reached 101 degrees. I think I lost like 5 lbs in sweat alone.

- As in No way I can find a darn thing. The boxes, oh the boxes, they are everywhere. There is No end. Someone please come dig me out.

- As in Not cooking inside a Non-AC apartment. We are gonna check out all the cute little resturants in our area. First on the menu - The Beaver Den. It's a giant, green building that boasts "the best Dam pizza". Get it? Dam? Har, har.

-As in Not fair that the BF gets to sit at home all day while I have to be at work.

-As in No knitting. Sorry! Try back in a month, I might have time to finish a project by then.