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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yeah, okay whatever, I haven't written anything here for a month, I know okay??? Leave me along about it. Thing is I've been really busy/lazy. That is, when I'm not busy, I've been lazy. Why?? Well, let's start with that horrid period known as "Midterms", which is like the Wednesday of the semester, Hump Day. They'd like you to think of this terrible week(s) as a little bump that, once you make it though, the rest of the semester is smooth sailing until finals.

They are wrong. Don't believe them. Plug your ears and run away screaming.

The truth about Midterms is that they are the begining of a downward spiral. The edge of a black hole. The point of no return. Midterms are the little bump that gets you to the top of the hill only to find a valley full of more little bumps.

Allow me to demonstrate my point. I made it through finals. I stayed up all night, I wrote my papers in my bullshit, 3 am coffee haze with title page, page numbers and bibliography. I thought I was finished, over, done, I could finally relax and watch some good TV, knit and clean up my room which is exactally what I did last week. However, I check my email tonight and there are four messages from the group that I was supposed to be working with this afternoon which I had totally forgotten about. The first bump. There are more to come, surely.

At any rate, you will not find me a dedicated diarist. I'm no Anne Frank. When I've got something to say, I'll put it down, trust me. In the meantime I'll spare y'all the boring bits and see ya on the flipside.