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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Universe:

Listen, I'm always really appreciative when you throw things my way, a five dollar bill in my coat pocket or a nice pen in the parking lot or even that parakeet we found in the backyard when I was little. I just tend to get pissed off when you take things from me. Like that cream sweater, remember? Or that heart pendant necklace? Those were nice things! And they were mine!

So I've got this small request, and I'm sure if you have any thing in that cold heart of yours, you'll let me have it back. It's a rather fabulous bamboo Clover needle size 8. I think I dropped it outside the Journalism building sometime last week. I'm not sure when. But listen, I really don't want to go find a new pair, cuz then I'll have one needle that can't do anything but I'll feel too guilty so I'll never throw it out thinking that one day I might stumble across it's mate.

Please, please, Universe, return my needle so I can finish my scarf!




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