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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Get Out There

In the area of "If you haven't already, you should":

The Daily Knitter

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Not quite sure how to take this news...

In a Past Life...

You Were: An Evil Assassin.

Where You Lived: Thailand.

How You Died: Hung for treason.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pictures to verify that I do still knit...

It's that time again, for a Guilt Trip*!

UFO** 1 - baby blanket for a friend who is expecting in October
Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots Stats: 98% done, just need to finish border.
3 weeks to deadline.

UFO 2 - wedding afghan for a friend who is wed-ing in December
Yarn: ??? Stats: negative 10% done. Decided it needs to be done on #8s, so it's gonna get ripped and restarted.
5 months to deadline.

UFO 3 - Babette shurg for moi
Yarn: ??? and ??? Stats: 20% done, severly lacking ambition to start sleeves or fronts.
Time in drawer: 4 months, has a likely chance of becoming something else...

UFO 4 - Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave Knits Spring '05 issue
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Stats: 15 % done, almost finished back
Time in drawer: yarn's been around since Janurary, made significant progress over vacation, I needed to find another ball in same colorway before I devoted more time to it

UFO 5 - Blue Swirl Blanket for new apartment
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease

UFO 6 - pink baby dress for Hannah Mae
Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots (seriously, good stuff) Stats: 75% done, need to finish right side and sew on ribbon.

Of course I've always got a few rebellious quickie projects going, like my mitered squares, warsh cloths, and a scarf that I whipped up this weekend. They don't acutally count aganist me, though, since they're so small. Speaking of small, here's my niece sticking her fingers in the nose of my Ben.... aren't they just the cutest??

* - I need a kick in the butt every now and then to hold myself accountable for
those larger projects that I start, abandon, and let pile up in my room. Since I'm moving soon, I want to get them done and out of the way before someone else (cough, Ben, cough) notices my schizophrenic knitting habits.

** - How many people came here looking for UFOs?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

And then I was found

I'm back from The Knitting Frenzy vacation, however, I didn't get to work on the afghan I posted about last time. My mom decided to wait until her friend decorates her new house. I hope she waits until Christmas vacation to redecorate, because I'm not sure if I'll get another week to myself until then. My summer "break" is almost over, thus begins the downward spiral to the first day of school. Here's some stuff that is keeping me from my knitting:

1) New apartment. I have to live with a boy! We have no furinture!! Seriously, if it hadn't been for a very generous friend of my mom's, we'd be sitting indian style in front of the TV this fall. Donations to the Ben and Darcy Poor College Student Apartment Foundation are still being accepted.

2) Class. I know. I'm supposed to be on break from school. People, I just can't stay away. It's like a disease. Like if I don't write a paper every two weeks, I get hives. Anyway, I drive a long long ways two days a week to sit in a very boring business class that does not welcome back-row knitters (or soft-hearted English majors either). Reason number one (and two) why business classes suck.

3)Work. Don't wanna, but I hafta.


5)Exercise. Really cuts into the sitting-like-a-log knitting time. But hey! I've lost nine pounds so I guess it's kinda worth it?

I got a ton of work done on my blue spiral log cabin blanket done, however, the giant-knock-your-socks-off picture is coming soon. For now - chuckle at a terrible picture of my sister and I, all sweaty and cold after "running" (more like sauntering) the Race for the Cure.

Notice the pink scarves on our domes - these things were everywhere and now one of my favorite hair accessories.