Presh-ious Knitting

A little blog about knitting. Well... mostly whinning about how little time I have for knitting.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

There's a stirring...

So I cleaned out my closets/room/under the bed clusterfuck last weekend and found this:

Don't worry, there's more where that came from!

Opps, I forgot to take a before picture, but trust me that this purple yarn was once a sweater that my sister and I fought over back when I was an 'S' (oh those days gone by). I was about to toss said sweater into the consignment box when I noticed the softness of yarn, the non-pileing under arms, the thickness, the color OH MY! And I had a revelation: I'm gonna rip out this lovely, expensive yarn and turn it into this:

Cutaway Sweater from

only with 3/4 sleeves. And a pretty pink button. In a slightly larger size. My one concern: WILL THERE BE ENOUGH YARN??? I guess we'll see.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

B-day Update

So last Tuesday was my b-day! I'm old. Or at least I'm feeling old.

Here's what I got from my parents:

I'm a pretty lucky girl. It's a camera phone PLUS internet. I had no idea I needed this feature. But apparently I never lived until now. I am reminded of my English prof who says soon we won't interact with actual people anymore - it'll just be you and your computer screen/cellphone/tv. I think my prof needs some friends.

The BF got me an amazing white gold necklace. He was all worried about picking out something I would like, but he knows me well enough to know what I'd never be caught dead in. The necklace has a blue stone that matches my eyes. ISN'T THAT CUTE??

I finally dug myself out of my room and was able to start (oh don't look at me like that) another project, actually it's a revision of an earlier project. I'm going to give an update of "what's been done/what needs to be done" in my stash of UFOs. Stick around for all the gorey details.