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Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello Stranger

The Blue Swirl Blanket is almost big enough to wrap around two lovebirds snuggled up on the couch (apologies, I'll pause as you gag. Done? Okay.) Miss Blanket is getting a not-so-matching border of white cotton acrylic yarn found at Wal-Mart. Owell, it kinda gives it some depth, I guess. There is just not enough white Cotton Ease in the world to go around. Ho-hum.

In other news, I applied for graduation!! Yup, apparently paying an ever-increasing tuition for 4.5 years is not enough, they have get ya for an extra $50 before you leave. Did you know that in my 4.5 years since I started college, tuition in this state has DOUBLED!! But that's done and over with, so soon I will be holding my second well earned diploma (first was high school). I wonder if I can knit a cap and gown? :)


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