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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lots of Pictures

Today was a busy busy day. Wednesdays are usually for cleaning here around the apartment, but I started early this morning because there has been a persistant, strengthening smell coming from my room. I found the culprit behind my printer - a rotting apple core that must have fallen out of the garbage can, or missed it completely. Anyway, here are some pictures to make up for my month of silence:

The first is a springy wrap dress for Hannah. Love the yarn, love the pattern, love everything. It should be done by Easter - but it's turning out a little bigger than I thought so maybe it'll have to wait until se gets a little bigger

By request, this is a picture of where I usually knit. Acutally this is where I sit to do just about everything. My friend Lisa gave me that awesome chair you see, it is tres comfy. The arm rests are perfect. I could care less about the desk (I hate the roll out keyboard thingy. And today that left side of my workspace got a little uplift.

OH! So organized and clean. I estimate it will look like that until the next time I need anything. So my room is all tidy and pretty and I'm burning a candle to get rid of the apple rotting smell, but wait....

Please look the other way before you notice that there are more shoes on the floor than there are in the shoe organizer.

Here's a sleepy puppy to distract you:

Oh who's a cute fluffy? You are!


At 9:55 AM, Blogger roggey said...

omg - isn't that puppy too much cute? give him/her a smooch for me!

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Quad Cities S&B said...

Darcy - I hope you're okay and the tornado missed your area in IC last night. Send a note and let us know you're okay. -- Susan


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