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Friday, January 20, 2006

30 new patterns at Berroco

Lookie what I found at Berroco:

Halt all other knitting progress: we MUST knit this cute little shurg/sweater! It's called Babette, isn't that just a perfect name? I LOVE Berroco.

And the in the accessories department, we have this little handbag! It's called "Mars". AH! I'm going crazy with all the adorable-ness. I'm so excited I just might order the actual yarn Berroco is trying to sell me with these patterns...nah! I'm not really crazy about the Ultra Silk used in the sweater, but I MUST have that accent yarn, it's called Lazer FX (how's that for a yarn name?) I'll probably use a cotton-y white yarn for that sweater and who knows for the bag. I really just like the pink stars. Swirly yarn and pink stars. Very very presh.

Have I told you guys about "presh"? "Presh" is my word for anything cute, not like puppy dog cute, but like I-wanna-own-that cute. I've been using it since like junior high and I'm sure I got it from a movie or something, but it's mine now. My boyfriend makes fun of me when I use it, usually when we're out shopping in an intoxicating store like Bloomingdales. Kate Spade bags? So presh! Tiffany's initial pendants? SO SO presh!


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