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Saturday, December 03, 2005

TEN random things you might not know about me.
1. I have a small family, and almost every member lives in Iowa.
2. I learned to knit two years ago this January. I still have yet to finish a sweater.
3. My favorite books of all time are the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.
4. I re-read books a lot. Especially the ones I grew up reading.
5. I prefer Pepsi over Coke and here-abouts we call it “pop”.
6. I’ve attended 3 colleges, but one doesn’t count because I was still in high school.
7. I fainted the last time I had to get a shot at the doctor's office.
8. I LOVE GARTH BROOKS. Can’t wait until he comes back to us.
9. I have a weird obsession with office supplies.
10. I waited until I was 16 to get my ears pierced. And I did it so I could wear earrings to my boyfriend’s prom.

NINE places I’ve visited
1. Virginia Beach, VA
2. Disneyland (only time in a plane)
3. Washington D.C.
4. Galveston Island, TX
5. Chicago, IL
6. Door County, WI
7. St. Paul, MN
8. Rocky Mt. Natl Park
9. Yellowstone Natl Park

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Read and enjoy books.
2. Begin your sentences with capitol letters and end them with a punctuation mark.
3. Give me hugs for no reason.
4. Read the newspaper and know what’s going on in the world.
5. Fight with me, but let me win the argument.
6. Greet dogs with a “puppy” voice and talk to them like they can respond.
7. Fly me out of the country. I don’t care where.
8. Know how to “sickle” (scratching + tickling) .

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. Travel to Europe.
2. Write a book.
3. Watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series (not just on TV, like, I wanna BE there).
4. Have a library in my house, not just bookshelves, a whole room of books.
5. Have a baby and watch it grow.
6. Fly a plane.
7. Marry my best friend.

SIX things I’m afraid of
1. Needles and blood and anything that has to do with doctor’s offices.
2. Swimming in dark, open water (aka: the ocean or big lakes).
3. Disappointing my parents.
4. Passing semi-trucks on the highway.
5. Walking alone in the dark. Even inside.
6. Choking on my food.

FIVE things I don't like
1. People who don’t know why they believe what they believe or “can’t explain it”.
2. Cotton balls.
3. Cheap BIC pens.
4. Bad grammar.
5. Red meat.

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Interrupt me or say something rude and inappropriate.
2. Subscribe to small-minded stereotypes.
3. Be stubborn or try to control me.
4. Use the word “ain’t”.

THREE Things I do everyday
1. Daydream.
2. Sing.
3. Brush my teeth twice and floss (okay, not every SINGLE day, but almost).

TWO things that make me happy
1. Laughing.
2. Being with people I love.

ONE thing on my mind right now
1. The fact that I didn't floss yet today.


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