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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving projects

Thanksgiving week was supposed to be a time of catching up on homework and researching papers for me. Do you think any of that actually got done? NOPE! Well I did start off with good intentions and went to that library on Sunday night. THIS is what I really did over break:

A cowl scarf in a pattern from Knitty.

And a scarf from's monthly newsletter.

Yup, both are for me to cover up aganist the mean Iowa winds. We've been pretty spoiled here with a nice long Indian summer.

Here is further evidence that it is winter: christmas cards and candy canes!! I am determined to actually send them out this year and not just write the cards, address them and let them sit on my desk until Feburary.

I finished knitting Jan's purse, too, now I can't wait to get back home to felt it!! I'm a little worried about the straps being too short, but I guess time will tell. I'll make sure to post before and after pics for your viewing pleasure!


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