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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The List

The reason I haven't written in so long is I can't get my camera/computer to cooperate and I feel bad about not having any pictures to show you. I will try harder this weekend, maybe from my parent's computer.

Without pictures to illustrate, it's kinda hard to tell ya what I've been working on but I'll try:

1) Baby sweater for Hannah Mae - this project is like 99.9% finished, all I have to do is sew it up and weave in a few ends. That's it. Why is the last part so HARD??

2) Cutaway Sweater from - Ever since Bonne Marie put up a picture of herself in this sweater, I've wanted, no, longed, no, CRAVED to have one in my own closet. I love black sweaters!

3) Blue scarf - just a plain ribbed blue wool scarf, it's sooooo pretty though! (I wear a lot of blue b/c I have blue eyes) I'm hoping to find another skien of it for mittens, but that's highly unlikely.

4) Pink Doggie Sweater - one of my first projects was a pink acrylic sweater for my puppy Lillie Ann from Stitch n' Bitch. But of course, since it was one of my first projects the gauge is wrong, seaming is crap and it's way too big for her. So I've ripped it all out and started again modeling it after a pet store sweater which fits her nicely.

5) The Blue Sweater - striped sweater from a free Berrco pattern. This one was supposed to be done this summer, and has migrated back into my drawer for the winter. The front and back are done, but sleeves?? I'm not too good at sleeves.

6) The Never-Gonna-Get-Done Sweater - a while back I bought some Rowan Cotton Glace from Becky of and suddenly realized that it was the same yarn used to make her Pepermint Sweater from Stitch n' Bitch. Now there wasn't enough to make the sweater as the pattern says, but I've just swapped the colors, bought some more white and a sparkly red and I've started a sleeve. However, knitting on #3's when I'm used to #8's is a hard bridge to cross.

7) Psychedelic Square Blanket - I stole this idea from Kay of and started knitting up mitered squares for a huge blanket. I'm hoping I'll have the whole thing done by the time I'm thirty (aka nine years from now). LOL! I'm using this pattern and Lion Brand Cotton Ease (which I snatched up and horded away before it was discontinuned this summer) in every color that is pretty and springy and beautiful.

8) geez, do I really have this many things going on at once?? The Green Baby Sweater - I started making this when my sister was pregnant and we didn't know the sex of her baby but I stopped because some said it was too girlie and we were all hoping for a boy (we're not sexist, there's just A LOT of girls in my family). So now that Hannah is here, I want to finish up this thing before spring so she can wear it for Easter. It's the exact same pattern as #1 on this list, but in a bigger size.

Anyway, I have good news!! There is a new knitting store opening in my hometown, Davenport Iowa. It's called The Knitting Shoppe and its in the cutest little shopping mall! It opens officially on Tuesday, but I've heard little bird whispering that the owner will let people in to look around this afternoon!! I.AM.SO.THERE.


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