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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where was I??

Twenty years ago: Hard for me to say, since I was one year old. Probably sitting around, looking adorable.

Ten years ago: I was 11, making the big jump from elementary school to junior high school. This is the year I suddenly decided that I needed to wear jeans everyday and I didn't take my lunch to school anymore. I had glasses, frizzy hair, a new best friend named Nicole and (eek!) my first "boyfriend", Ian.

Five years ago: I was starting my sophomore year of high school. All my friends where getting driver's liscences and cars, but since my birthday is in May, I had to bum rides off them ALOT! I think I had a record number of boyfriends this year, like six or seven. My sister was a senior, getting ready to graduate and go on to either pharmacy school or cosmotology school. She went to neither, but I am glad she's happy today.

One year ago: I was starting my junior year of college at a new school, the University of Iowa, after deciding that I just wasn't cut out to be an English teacher. I was about to embark on one of the toughest years thus far but thank God I had a wonderful family and a loving boyfriend to see me through it.

One month ago: I think I was moving into my new house/apartment with my four roommates. It was SOOOO hot that day. I thought I was going to pass out before we got all my junk upstairs!

Yesterday: I went to work early, got off early, got a couple inches trimmed off my mane, rushed around looking for a nice outfit to wear to dinner, and fell in love with my boyfriend all over again.

Today: Back at work. Then lunch with the family and back to school for after-football game party with the roommates.

Tomorrow: SUNDAY!!! Sleep in, knit while drinking coffee and watching news, and hanging out with my man.


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