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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yup, I'm a nerd...

While Mom and I were playing beauty shop last night, I spread the unending baby blanket on the floor to measure and photograph but the photos were pretty bad, so I've got nothing to show ya today. Plus I had a hard time figuring out mom's camera, so ya'll have to wait until school starts again to get pictures. Just hold on, okay?

Anyway, the blanket is growing under my blistered little fingers and is approaching maturity. It weighs a ton. I've decided to scrap the second layer and just concentrate on weaving in the ends nicely. I'm also planning a white border so I need to go pick up a copy of Knitting on the Edge because well, I know nothing about edges since this is my first blanket (and hopefully my last).

Speaking of school, we are at T-minus 12 days until that wonderful First Day Back. I love all the new notebooks and pencils and mini staplers and new backpacks and whatever else we students get to buy this time of year. LOVE IT. And the awesome thing about being a college student is that you get your books ahead of time (especially crucial for an English major) and you can read them before you read them for class. BONUS! Saves lots of time during the school year. Makes much more time for knitting. I'm ordered mine online used (soooo much cheaper than the *#%*#@ bookstores) so hopefuly they should be arriving soon.

I'm suddenly aware of how dorkly that last paragraph sounds. Yes, I really do read my books during the summer, but usually not the textbooks (save my Classical Languages text) only the novels for my English classes. It's nice to absorb them twice because you pick up things the second time through that the rest of the class doesn't.

Oh god, I'm such a teacher's pet I'm just gonna shut up now before the cool girls kick my butt.

Ciao! Au revior! Adiós! Tschüs! And all those goodbye things baby...


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