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Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Knitting

Friday night I accomplished 2 rows on my baby blanket (each row has turned into a 20 mintue project at over 100 stitches) and started (eek!) a blue striped sweater for myself (what? I can't make something for ME once in a while?) The blue sweater is kind of an experiment meaning I'm taking a pattern that I got free online and "tweaking" it to do what I want. For instance, I want a white edging around the wrists, waist and collar, then blue stripes (starting dark and getting lighter) up the whole thing and a little row of button across the left shoulder (cutest buttons ever found at Hancock Fabrics on sale half price! Bonus!) I'm using CottonEase by Lion Brand which has been woefully discontinued, so of course I just HAD to invest in a pile of it before it was all gone (I've got around 20 skeins now). Most of that will be for this sweater, but I'm not sure what to do with the rest. It'll probably end up as a scarf for my friend Jen.

Anyway, I got lots of knitting done last night while watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition with my little sis (Ty could come to my house any day! That boy is hot!) so I'm about two inches in on the back of the blue sweater(must find a different name for it) and dreading going back to work on the baby blanket. I just get used to the garter stitch and I have to cast off (my least favorite thing to do) and then pick up stitches (my second least favorite thing to do) for the next row. The next baby blanket (let's hope I don't have to make one for a while) will be a pattern that includes ONE cast on row and ONE cast off row. End of discussion.

In other news: I spent the weekend with my friend/former roommate Jen who has TWO new kitties. So cute. We spent a lot of time planning a trip to Lake Havasu, AZ for SPRING BREAK BABY! I'm excited. She's excited. Our parents are nervous and our boyfriends more so.

Will try to post pictures later today.


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