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Friday, August 05, 2005

Okay fine....

I'll tell you a little about me. I'm a twenty-something college student living in Iowa studying Journalism and English at the esteemed University of Iowa, hoping to become the next Diane Sawyer or Adrienne Rich. Like lots of young women of my generation, I am fascinated with the plight of women, present, past and future. But I AM NOT one of "those" feminists. (You know what I mean, you have that picture in your mind and I'm telling you I'm not like that.) Okay, moving on...

I've created this blog with the intentions of immitating some of my much envied idols of the knitting blogs. Their daily posts have really inspired me to take my measly experience (almost two years now) and challenge myself with loads of new projects. I hear my own thoughts echoed in their blogs (stashing, dreading sewing and juggling several projects at once) that I have long thought that I am no longer and outsider, but a member of this community. (If all that sounds a little deep, please blame the English department at UIowa.)

So okay, you're going to see a lot of knitting on this blog as well as a lot of my personal thoughts about whatever. I have a crazy family who is always getting into some kind of halarious situation (subject of my first book, by the way) and over the years I have become very good at "observing", so I always have lots to tell. My boyfriend, B, is also a source of entertainment (as well as love) for me. I hope I can portray these people in a good light and make you understand that, yes they are crazy, but yes they are also awesome.

Okay knitting:
I am currently working on a baby blanket for my sister's baby, due in October a day before her first wedding anniversary (insert joke about it not taking them long to have kids!). My sister and her husband already have an adorable little girl who is the light of every family get together. The baby blanket is a log cabin pattern I kind of adopted from one I saw over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. (Those girls sure know how to knit, I'm not worthy to stand in their presence!) I'm using six colors of Bernat Cottontots yarn (purple, blue, green, yellow, pink and white) for two reasons 1) they all look really good together and 2) we don't yet know the sex of the baby. I am undecided as to wether I should make a back for the blanket because the wrong side is rather untidy and I would like to cover up my horrid woven ends. We shall see, I guess, how ambitious I'm feeling closer to the end.

Anyway, pictures soon. For now, thanks again for stopping by!


At 8:37 AM, Blogger becky said...

Nice to meet you, and welcome to the world of weblogs :-)


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